Current Exhibitions
See my artwork at these events:

Los Angeles Printmakers Holiday Print Show
Membership Exhibition for current members
November 29th to December 16th, 2018
MuzeuMM Gallery, 4811 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016
Opening Reception Saturday December 1st, 6-10pm
Closing Reception, Sunday December 16th, 1pm to 3pm

Artful Women Show/Sale
November 3 to December 1, 2018
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics Skylight Lounge Gallery
600 Highland Ave., Madison, WI
Sponsored by Wisconsin Women's Network (WWN)

5th Graphic Art Biennial of Szeklerland Romania
My mezzotint, "What Dreams May Come", was one of the 295 works
accepted (out of 2249 works by 934 creators) in the competition of the
biennial.  Centrul de Cultura al Judetului Covasna, County Covasna,
Romania, opening October 13, 2018, Transylvanian Art Center, Sfantu

The first mezzotint event to be held in India, October and November 2018.
A special event, in two parts and two locations, around the mezzotint
printmaking technique.  An invitational exhibition, presented in Bihar
Museum, Patna, India will reunite 50 of the very best mezzotinter artists
from all over the world.  I am one of 45 artists invited to participate with 3
works each. The second event will be a full week of activities, workshops,
masterclasses to be held in Parivartan Siwan, 160km from Patna.
Organized by mezzotint master, Guy Langevin.
RAM (Racine Art Museum) Art Sales and Rental Gallery, Racine, WI
The public can rent work with an option to buy from this collection of
established Wisconsin artists

Grace Chosy Gallery  in Madison, WI (closed August 2013)
Peltz Gallery in Milwaukee, WI (closed July 2014)

I am currently selling through my website here.  For price information go
to GALLERY (above) or CONTACT ME at
All rights reserved.
Jayne Reid Jackson  printmaker
Artist Statement
As someone whose artistic expression is firmly based in drawing, I find that printmaking,
especially intaglio, provides me with the widest range of tools for my needs.  
Through the use of the traditional still life image, I capture what is special about everyday
objects and the intrinsic beauty of the commonplace. My mezzotints are an examination of
light and dark using the still life as vehicle to study how glass and simple objects can
create an atmosphere of mystery and meaning by manipulating the shadows and
reflections of the objects and their surroundings.
White Tulips, monotype
Red Tulips, etching
Bittersweet II,  mezzotint
Clematis Vine, etching
Daffodils, monotype
Broken Dreams, mezzotint
On Fortune's Throne, etching
Pink Glass & Peonies #1, monotype
Vine Cuttings, etching
Echoes, mezzotint
Crabapple, etching
Yellow Tulips, etching
Bluebells & Bleediing Hearts, etching
Once, etching
Final Bow, mezzotint, 4" x 6" image, 2011
Sweet Sorrow, mezzotint
Food For Gods, mezzotint
Protuberance, mezzotint
In Dreams II, mezzotint
I Once Had a Rose, mezzotint
Fallen Star, mezzotint
What Dreams May Come ,mezzotint
The Unkindest Cut, mezzotint
Fruits of Love, mezzotint
And Still I Rise, mezzoint